Ross is Lt. Frank Cioffi in ‘Curtains’

Ross will appear as Lt. Frank Cioffi in Hillbarn Theatre’s production of ‘Curtains,’ the Tony Award-nominated drama. From Hillbarn: “Curtains is the hilariously entertaining whodunit from the creative team behind Chicago and Cabaret. It’s opening night at Boston’s Colonial Theatre and the leading lady has mysteriously died on stage, leaving the cast and crew as suspects. Local detective Frank Cioffi, a theater fan and amateur actor, arrives to conduct the investigation. As the body count rises and secrets spill, Cioffi becomes more and more involved in saving the musical than solving the case. This madcap musical mystery will leave you on the edge of your seat, tapping your feet, and laughing all night.”

Amadeus Reviews

Amadeus Reviews

Ross is mentioned in the following reviews for Hillbarn Theatre’s ‘Amadeus’:

“…Neuenfeldt as Mozart is excellent, making him a more sympathetic character than seen in some productions and believably navigating his physical and mental decline.”
-Judy Richter, For All Events

“Ross Neuenfeldt is brilliant as Mozart, bringing Shaffer’s vision to life…”
-John Orr, Regarding Arts

“…played with flamboyance, artful innocence and charisma by roguish Ross Neuenfeldt.”
-Joanne Engelhardt, San Jose Mercury News